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Product description

A series of ice machines made entirely of the highest quality stainless steel.Providing maximum performance and durability – a long service life. Ice cubes are formed by spraying water on the evaporator – the copper platform, when properly cooled, creates ice cubes of very high concentration.The resulting ice cubes are crystal clear. They are ideally suited for: They are ideal for: restaurants, hotels, fast food, ice cream parlours or bakeries.


External dimensions [mm]: 365 x 495 x 600
Height adjustment [mm]: 0 – 10
Maximum depth [mm]: –
Production of ice cubes within 24 hours [kg]: 25
Number of cubes per cycle [pcs.]: 28
Capacity [kg]: 6
Cooling system: air / water cooling
Control system: electronic
Voltage [V]: 230V 50 Hz
Energy consumption [W]: 500
Type of refrigerant: R404A
Weight [kg]: 32